Behind the Lens

Inspiring your audience

It takes courage and compassion to lead society in a positive direction.  Whether you are promoting safety leadership in mining, or raising funds for charity, you have to first inspire people before you can lead them.  Good films attract revenue and support for your cause. 

Here’s some tips to ensure your film connects with your audience:


  • Know yourself:  Tell real stories that demonstrate your values.
  • Know your audience: Target your message and visuals to appeal to your most important stakeholders.  
  • Keep people’s attention: Be brief and stay focussed. 
  • Make the Ask: If you want to inspire people to action on a social cause, make sure you involve the audience.  Have a call to action at the end of your film. 


Lionheart Productions is based in Vancouver, Canada.

Lionheart Productions:   

 About us: Lionheart produces issues-based, short films for corporate and non-profit clients world-wide. Our clients value relationships and have high standards for their creative.  If you do good things, and need good stories, give us a call.

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