Behind the Lens

Planning your production

The role of planning in video production is critical.  Mistakes at the beginning of your project have a ripple effect throughout the entire production cycle.  Here’s a few pointers to ensure your production goes smoothly:

Lionheart President, Allanah Mooney 

  • Have a plan that maps out your project from start to finish.
  • Alway have a backup plan. In production, the unexpected is routine.
  • Communication is critical – make sure key people have the information they need. 
  • Plan your project within the larger context of your  organizations’ unique opportunities and challenges.  
  • Be passionate about deadlines and details. 

A famous architect once told us that “God is in the details.” So is production.  Every decision you make can impact your final film.

 About us: Lionheart produces issues-based, short films for corporate and non-profit clients world-wide. Our clients value relationships and have high standards for their creative.  If you do good things, and need good stories, give us a call.


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