Behind the Lens

Finding the heart of your story

I have been a storyteller my whole life.  I staged my first production at 5.   My siblings and our dog acted as cast and crew.  Much of how I work today is individual to me; my practices as a filmmaker suit my style and personality.  However, there are some things that every good film has in common:

You must have good narrative.  People need to see and hear your story in a way that engages them.

For documentary style films, your narrative depends on the quality of your interviews.  Three keys to success in interviewing are:

I. BUILD TRUST:  Treat interview subjects with respect and kindness.  

II. LISTEN DEEPLY:  Focus on the person sitting across from you.

III. BE RECEPTIVE:  Allow the conversation to flow.   

I enjoy being surprised by people’s answers; often the story is not what we think it is.  Be  willing to throw away your script and follow what feels authentic to get to the heart of any story.


About us: Lionheart produces issues-based, short films for corporate and non-profit clients world-wide. Our clients value relationships and have high standards for their creative.  If you do good things, and need good stories, give us a call.

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