We are a video production agency.  Lionheart’s original approach combines techniques from news, documentary film, and advertising. 

We are both strategists and social artists who direct our craft for the greater good. From script to screen, we guide your production process.

Our services are customized for each project, yet our approach to deliverables is always the same: Make a good film for the client that will deliver results for their audience.  Here’s how we make it happen:

We travel the world to bring your story home. 

We set high standards for ourselves and our productions. 

We work safely and respect other people and the environment. 

Lionheart crews have the training and experience to keep things running smoothly, respond skillfully to any situation, and produce a film that delivers results for your social cause.


At the heart of a compelling film is a clear and concise message, one that resonates with the viewer and provokes a response. We will ensure that your film produces these results while aligning with your organization’s strategic goals.

Building Our Future

Our client, Teck Coal, came to us when they wanted to communicate a sophisticated business improvement strategy to their workers across 8 sites in BC and Alberta.  The challenge was how to represent a diverse cross section of employees, from Senior Management to front line Operators and Tradesmen, along with how to highlight the goals and achievements of a very large multi-faceted project in a way that was engaging to everyone. 

The strategy that we used was to interview representatives from each of the major operational areas and make sure that when the 2000 workers watched they would hear from one of their own. We interviewed 74 employees from the Vice President to the Janitor, and had honest conversations about what the changes had meant, and where the organization was going next.  We were able to showcase the expertise of people on the front lines, and used common language and practical examples to discuss the business strategy so that it was accessible to everyone.
We included honest comments about the challenges that had to be overcome, in order to build credibility with a workforce who had been forced to change how they had always done their jobs.  Visually, we captured images that would be a source of pride for all the major areas of the Coal business, and we included images and interviews from all 8 sites.   In the end, we took 7 hours of interviews and edited it down into a 9 minute video, using voiceover to bridge across the different key areas of content.  We’ve repurposed interviews and footage from this project, for use in other edits, and stills from this project have been used in several Powerpoints.


Film Production

Lionheart’s well-rounded team of writers, directors, editors and our first-rate facilities equip us to handle every phase of your production in-house. You can feel confident, knowing your project is in good hands as it transforms from an idea into a meaningful film.

Mining for Miracles

When the Mining for Miracles committee approached us with the idea of producing a 4-minute video — normally a 30-day production — in under a week — our immediate response was, “When do we get started?!” Throughout the years we’ve learned that every video requires a unique approach, and every production presents its own set of challenges that we look forward to conquering.

We completed Mining for Miracles’ video in six days. We shot 7 interviews in 10 locations, logging 11,175KM on the road before returning to Vancouver where we edited over 10 hours of footage down to 4 minutes. The script, rough cut and final video were each reviewed by a committee of 9 people representing 3 organizations. Our crew pulled two consecutive all-nighters with coffee deliveries from the cafe downstairs.

The final video was delivered on time. It premiered to an audience of 300 at the Mining Roundup Event in Vancouver, BC. The video received a standing ovation and our crew was greeted with misty-eyes from many of the miners in attendance. The video will be used online and at other live events to support ongoing fundraising efforts for BC Children’s Hospital.

Media Asset Management

In today’s content-driven digital world, it’s increasingly important that your media assets are protected, backed up and easily accessible. Our industry-leading cataloguing technology archives your files, transcripts and other digital assets, keeping them safe from viruses, hard-drive crashes and degradation.

Courageous Safety Leadership

Since 2008, we have been producing videos for our client’s initiative to achieve Zero Harm in the workplace through a values-based safety program. We’ve produced countless films of varying lengths. In the process, we’ve interviewed, filmed and photographed staff members from every division, including their CEO and front-line laborers.

Our thorough system of Media Asset Management has allowed us to re-purpose their existing footage to create fresh content. We’ve been their video librarian from day one, making the most of their investment and allowing us to anticipate their future production needs.

All of our clients’ files and footage are logged, organized, archived and backed up regularly. We understand the importance of these steps because we have personally experienced the frustration of losing valuable footage. If you don’t know where your assets are, let alone what they are, you will inevitably lose time and opportunities.

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